About Us

Trish as a vet tech (with her baby brother)

Once upon a time….

Our story begins with a girl that LOVED animals…all animals. This girl named Trish became a vet tech for 8 years when she was 23 years old and learned as much as she could about veterinary care. Sadly, there wasn’t enough income as a vet tech to raise a son as a single mom on a vet tech income so she took a job doing accounting work at an air force base.

Trish ended up finding an amazing and tolerant man who was crazy enough to marry her animal loving self. So their family grew and they had 4 more children (so a total of 5). This husband was very loving and patient which is great because Trish wanted to get into showing and breeding dogs….and not just any dogs…Yorkies whose coats need to be cleaned and wrapped and conditioned for show. Chihuahuas came shortly after.

So now we have our incredible and busy family of 4 sons, 1 daughter, and puppies!  Our children have been raised around our toy breed dogs their entire lives.  They help snuggle puppies and keep puppies happy and social.

God has blessed us with our exhaustingly exceptional crazy perfect family including our immensely beautiful loving bed warming dogs.  Who could ask for anything more?