Champion Lyons

These are the champions in our little Lyon “pride”. We are extraordinarily lucky and blessed for the opportunity to have these incredible dogs.

CH Siren

CH Lyon’s Toys Sundown Serenade

CH Siren – this girl has it all…looks…and plenty of attitude, but just as much sweetness as she has sass.  We are excited about this girl and expect great things from her!

CH Harper

CH Lyon’s Toys Heed These Words

CH Harper – Harper is a gorgeous happy go lucky little boy that adores everyone and has never met a stranger.  He is bright and energetic and enjoys playing with children.  We are very proud of having bred such an outstanding boy.  Harper has already achieved his championship and we have great expectations for when he returns to the ring.

CH Manny

CH TyAva’s Manny

CH Manny – this is one gorgeous boy with a full silk coat and warm expressive eyes. He has the kind of face that melts hearts and the personality of a cherub. We absolutely love this boy.

CH Sam

CH TyAva’s Sam

CH Sam – CH Sam is a loving, happy, easy boy that absolutely loves everyone and everything. He has a full beautiful silk coat and the attitude and face of a cherub. We love our Sammykins.  He has produced some outstanding and beautiful puppies with us.  We expect great things from him as a CH producer.

GCH Lyric

GCH Lyric
GCH Galleria Chio Lyrical Melody

GCH Lyric – Lyric is our soft, gentle, snuggly grand champion long coat chihuahua that we imported from Galleria Chio in Bulgaria. Lyric has the sweetest personality and angelic face. She makes the perfect foot warmer in our bed at night.

CH Halo

CH Knockout Light up the Dark

CH Halo – Halo is our newest girl and we have some excited expectations for this girl in the show ring! Go Halo, go….make us proud! She is a spunky little girl with loads of joyful energy. Can’t wait to see what this year brings for our Halo. She just made it home from finishing her Championship and is relaxing and playing all day with our other dogs and children.  We are looking forward to our future with such a wonderful little girl